Research Industries

Specialized solutions for cloud computing, prediction modeling, robotics, corporate finance, investment and fund raising

We create web applications built to scale from day one, using Rails, Django and web2py. We contribute to OpenSource projects and we have the emotionull weekend where we create fun/useful/magic applications.

We turn your ideas into products, your ambitions to reality. Need seed or later-stage funding? We can definitely help.

We create custom solutions, ranging from control systems, PLCs, automation systems to specialized robotics. If you can describe your problem, we can create a solution for it.


The mission of Emotionull Inc. is to deliver, today, the best solution to your problem using a highly specialized team of awarded scientists, engineers, designers, marketers and business consultants.

Emotionull's products are used in multinational companies, research centers and academias due to our in-house R&D department.

Building The company is established on two sites, in Cyprus and in Greece.
The original site is used to house our R&D department and employees. This location also includes the Quality Assurance and Quality Control facility.
Our secondary site is used for business consulting, business development and corporate finance.

Creating the perfect team for every possible project is not easy. That's the reason we have as sub-contractors many talented hackers from fields like

  • Artificial Intelligence and Software Development
  • Mathematics, Statistics and Corporate finance
Affiliated company for web2py


We can help you not only built the best product but also push it to the international market backing you up with funding and consultancy.

Our field of expertise ranges from web sites and social network applications, world-scale internet promotion and branding, data analysis and prediction modeling to robotics, embedded devices, CRM, ERPs and fault-tolerant cloud computing services.

We provide consulting for building Rails, Web2py, Python, Erlang, Clojure/Java and .NET applications, scaling your system to infinity and helping you identify the best tool for your needs.

Data analysis / Algorithms


A mix of supercomputers and top-notch scientists guarantees that we can gather data, find patterns and analyse them thus giving you a glimpse of the future.

Fund raising / Business Development

Being exclusive partners of Beta Security SA enables us guiding you from seed funding to going public or expanding to the international market. Try us.

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